Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My coaching resume :)

For those of you who are going to the Competition Climbing Clinic at the Boulders gym... here is a little info about me.


· 27 years old
· Registered Nurse
· Over 9 Years Coaching Experience
· Over 15 Years Competition Experience, including 5 Youth World Cups with 3 top ten placements, and 2 bouldering world cups.
· Over 16 Years Climbing Experience


Coaching/Teaching 2002-2007

· I started coaching at the age of 17 at the Calgary Climbing Center with Knut Rokne
· Coach for the Edge youth team 2005-2007
· Teaching technique classes, and belay lessons for adults at the Edge climbing center, Vancouver 2005-2008
· Coaching the youth club at the Boilder Room in Kingston Ontario, 2009
· Teaching technique classes to youth and adults at the Kingston Bouldeirng co-op 2010-2011
· Helping coaching for the Canmore youth team 2012

Canadian Youth Team Coach 2006-2009

· Continental Championships, Denver Colorado, 2006
· Youth World Cup, Ibarra, Ecuador, 2007
· Youth World Cup, Sydney Australia, 2008
· Youth World Cup, France, 2009

Canadian Youth Team Captain 2004

I was elected as youth team captain during the Youth World Cup in Edinburgh, Scotland.


· NCCP- Coaching Level 1
· CSEP-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
· Sports First Aid: Basic assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
· Current CPR and First Aid.
· Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chillin in Chile

Ahhhh, just how I wanted to spend my last bit of time in South America. Sitting on the beach with a good book watching the cute Chileno lifeguards run around.
Chile surly has the most confusing conversion rate, at 474pesos/$CAN. It makes me feel like im spending heaps more than I really am, with surfing lessons costing $10,000, a night at the hostel $5,500, and a bottle of water $500.
I was quite confused walking along the beach, seeing sign after sign with a picture of the beach, and an arrow pointing away from the beach. I thought, ´why, some hooligan has gone and turned all the signs around!¨ On closer inspection... the photo was not of a wave, but a tsunami and read: Evacuation route. I find myself subconsiously glancing toward the sea every now and then... just to be sure.
Im soon off to see if I can still stand up on a surfboard.

"lifes adventures are the verses adn choruses of your unique sone, and when its over, you are dead" -Jimmy Buffett

Saturday, February 23, 2008

After the worst case of the 24hr flu that I have ever had... I decided that a 4hr hike to Frey for a competition was perhaps not on the top of my list of things to do. Instead, Jonathan, the Frenchie I have been traveling with, and I teamed up with 3 more Frenchies to head to another climbing area close to Bariloche. The cliff was a 30second walk from the tents, and we were right beside a beautiful lake with a view of the mountains.
We didnt do to much climbing, other than flailing on the hardest 7a I have ever laid a hand on. The camping was nice tho, and we perfected back-coutry bread and Pizza making.
After returning to Barioche, we packed up and headed to El Bolson. (Two hours south... even though I really should have been heading north, as I have over 60hrs of bus to Lima, where I fly home from... oh well). El Bolson is a huge hippie town, where we did a quick hike to some waterfalls, and rocked out to a local band playing Bob Marley and Jimmi Hendrics!! Sweet.
Im in Mendoza now, feeling fairly unmotivated to do much of anything... so Im off to Chile to chill on the beach... and do nothing. Its about a 24hr bus ride, but I have gotten used to these marathon busses.. and they go by in no time.

See everyone in two weeks!!! I cant believe its almost been 7months already! Phew.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

excited for...

New things, a good bed, good food, good kharma, ice cream, and a bit of partying!

After a month in Valle Encantado, I feel it is time to move on. I will miss the lazy, easy going Valle, but am psyched for new things.
I plan on relaxing in Bariloche for a few days as my shoulder is acting up a bit, and then heading to Frey to try and convince someone to take me trad climbing. (As I have no gear). I might even compete in a fun little top rope comp they are hosting... mostly because I hear there is free beer...
Im excited to have a good bed after a month on a 5$ sleeping pad. There is even a little bouldering wall at the hostel! (And a big slide... woooooooo)
I can´t wait to get some good Argentine beef, and wine in my belly. Im a little tired of instant rice and fake flavour. (I know, poor me)
Too pass on some good kharma, the little blow up boat (nesesary for getting to Valle) that was given to me has been handed off to some other climbers here at the hostel.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

esta es la vida

This is the life
Eat, Climb, Swim, Siesta, Eat, Climb, Eat, Sleep.

Its so good to be climbing again. Its been over two years since I have climbed this much and it feels great. My strength is comming back, and I remember why I love this sport so much.
The forest is a little lonely without Liz, but it is full of wonderful people.
Now much else is new. It has gotten too hot to climb all day, so we take a nice siesta between 3 and 7 to cool off in the river, read, or sleep.
I have been adopted by various people in the campground, and so am doing alright without a stove. I have replaced my sketchy 20$ tent with an actual tent, and am much happier at night. Although it hasnt really rained since I have been here... I can sleep better at night knowing that if it does, Ill stay dry. The old tent (which looks like a childs circus tent) had been donated to another climber who has been sleeping in the dirt.

I have another two weeks in Valle Encantado before I head up to Mendoza to climb with a girl that I met here.

beso (kiss)


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Welcome to Valle Encantado!!!!
Deep water solo
Stacey playing medic for broken footed liz.

(All Photos from Liz Allen´s Facebook!!!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to the Forest

After a final visit to the hospital, for a second opinion and an old school cast, everything has gone off without a hitch.

Liz´s father offered to pay for a taxi to take me out to gather up all of Liz´s things, however the manager at the hotel decided he would be a huge help and drive me out for a lower price. I arrived at camp and within about 5min, I had 6 or 7 people helping me gather all of Liz´s things up. I was then swiftly shuttled across the river and driven back into town.

Liz and I enjoyed a lovely mexican dinner last night (although my stomach is not so used to such food, and is quite angry at me this morning... too used to granola and quinua is guess), and rose early to get to the airport.

Already having a flight from BsAs to NYC, Liz was a little worried about not getting a flight out of Bariloche. She put on the water works, and got on the first flight out.

Im currently wasting time in Bariloche... yet again... waiting for my bus back out to the forest. I decided to skip out on hitch hiking. I plan on staying here for about another two weeks, and then heading north to Mendosa were I hear there is also some good climbing!